We know that you rely on your control system to ensure continuous production and also the safety of your workers. The industrial control systems from Indus Automation delivers just that.

Night or day, our systems work relentlessly to fulfill your production and performance demands. It does this while maintaining constant vigil to detect the slightest indications of malfunction resulting in early detection and alarms.

Take a look at the range of control systems that we offer:

Spanning over a multitude of industries from food processing through water treatment to Oil & Gas, the process control systems from Indus keep the factories running day in day out.

Custom designed and programmed according to the requirements of each customer, these systems are the best examples of how flexible a modern control system can be. Yet, flexibility is never at the cost of reliability. Developed using the best in class controllers and supported by the latest SCADA systems, process control is where our best minds are put to work t achieve custom solutions for the multitude of process situations and constraints that accompany them.

As with the Boiler control system, the Furnace control system form Indus boasts of its safety features more than anything else.

As with all or other systems, every variable is tracked to the finest decimal point that the controllers allow so that you get pin-point accuracy in your measurements, which ultimately decide the quality of your process output.

The use of international quality sensor equipments allows for error free data collection as well as reliability, which is a prime concern in the harsh environments present in and around a furnace.

The refrigeration control system from Indus Automation takes advantage of the technological innovations in industrial automation to cater to all aspects of refrigeration. This includes compressor control and monitoring, valve control, pressure control and monitoring, temperature control, condenser control, etc. To name a few.

The system, equipped with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) as controllers and SCADA systems for monitoring, enables saving of power to a great extend as well as increasing reliability.

Control and automation of Chiller units and Cold storage are applications of the said system to name a few.

Elevators are an integral part of any commercial or residential construction. Indus Automation has developed unique algorithms for its Elevator Control System to help with the smoothest operation combined with great power savings.

While the extra smooth starting and stopping of the elevator car using Variable Frequency Drives provides extra comfort for the passengers, the superior power savings achieved through the same as well as the scientifically prepared algorithm makes it go easy on the wallet of the building owner.

At Indus Automation, safety is always the prime priority. Our systems are designed not just to operate flawlessly, but to detect early signs of danger and generate alarms that help in early detection and removal of the issue.

This dedication to safety is most visible in our boiler control systems and furnace control systems. We understand the trust you put in us and our systems and we make sure that every installation of our control systems passes the strictest quality tests.

The boiler control system from Indus controls all aspects of your boiler. Not just that, it monitors every important variable of the system to ensure the correct operation and to detect any potential faults.

Moreover the monitoring and data logging allows for analysis of the operational data to further tweak the process for maximum efficiency and throughput.

Conveyor control systems installed by Indus Automation runs conveyors across a broad range of industries such as mining, food and beverages, automobile, etc. to name a few.

Custom programmed and configured according to the needs of each industry and each plant, these systems provide superior power savings than most comparable systems. Timed to a fraction of a second, these systems sync seamlessly with other systems such as bottling, cutting, packaging, etc.