Next-Gen Monitoring & Data-Logging

Keeping tracks of system data and process variables has always been a tough job until the arrival of SCADA systems. With SCADA, all that data logging and process monitoring which used to consume too many man-hours became a walk in the park.

Yet, SCADA always remained a little out of reach of the cost capacity of small and medium industries. But, all that has changed.

Now it is possible to get a full-fledged Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system installed in your plant at very affordable costs. Fully integrated with the PLCs operating the control system, these modern SCADA systems can monitor your process variables and give you back the required data as charts, graphs and other formats as and when you need to analyze them.

Our SCADA engineers can help you decide on the right software for your industry, along with the number of digital or analog tags required. That way, you will end up spending only exactly what is required to fulfill your technical requirements.

When you buy a SCADA system from us, you also can be sure that you can avail the assistance of our experienced engineers in the design, programming and commissioning of the same at your plant. This service can be extended to the life of the product and thus you can get a 360 degree solution starting from product selection through installation and support, till upgrade.

Similar is the case with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). You can have your selection from a wide range of devices, from smaller 2 row displays to full fledged touch screen HMIs and Industrial PCs (IPC).

Looking for a SCADA solution?

We can help you find the right one for your requirements