Greatest Power Savings through Next-Gen systems

Indus Automation supplies AC/DC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Servo Drives, Soft Starters and Stepper Motor Drives to a wide range of industries.

Be it an elevator control application in a hospital, or a conveyor belt control system at a stone quarry, or the control of rollers at a cotton mill, our installations keep the process moving and save energy for our clients every minute of the day.

Whatever be your application, our engineers can do an audit and tell you how much energy and thus money can be saved by the use of drives.

Armed with that knowledge, you can make an informed decision regarding the installation of drives. At the purchase stage also, our engineers can guide you so that you don’t spend a paise more than what is absolutely required.

All major brands of drives are available for purchase from us. You can also avail the service of our engineers in the configuration and installation of the drives at your plant, with extended support.