A SCADA is an extremely powerful tool. But as with any powerful tool, the true power of the tool can be brought out only if it is in a skilled hand. The same holds true for a Human Machine Interface (HMI).

The SCADA/HMI Design Team

The SCADA/HMI department of Indus Automation has two sections. A design team and a programming team. Since SCADA or an HMI is a visual interface, and since the user will be seeing and using it on a daily basis, it is essential that the interface be made as user-friendly as possible.

Our design team makes sure that the SCADA/HMI interface that is presented to you is intuitive and user friendly, while maintaining all the functionality that you require out of it. The team also ensures that the learning curve for the interface remains minimal.

We also make sure that the interface looks good, and that the items on the screen are easily recognizable to workers/operators in your industry.

The Programming Team

The SCADA/HMI programming team at Indus makes sure that the installation properly integrates with the rest of the control system and that all the functionalities required by you from the interface is provided.

With the SCADA installations from Indus, you can monitor, log and control your equipment and even entire control systems from wherever you want, be it from the control room, or your office, your home or even your mobile phone!

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