We know that when it comes to industrial applications, one size never fits all. The requirements vary, the products vary, the constraints vary, and for many types of industrial operations, there is no way you can buy an automated machinery off the shelf to install in your plant.

This is where the Special Purpose Machines from Indus Automation comes in. Whatever be your industry, whatever be your application, our team of engineers are capable of designing the right kind of machine for your need.

Taking it forward from there, the manufacture of the machine happens according to the design, under the supervision of expert engineers who have years of experience in mechanical production.

The machine, once it passes all the stringent quality checks is brought to your plant facility and installed and commissioned by our service team. The team ensures that the machine is integrated to the rest of your process. Also, knowledge transfer to the operators at your facility is done to ensure  a smooth transition to our system.

The best part is the continued support we provide for our machines which gives you peace of mind. No more worries about faulty foreign machines with no support. Our engineers and technicians can help you with any issues with the machines at the location within the shortest possible time.