Indus Automation has always stood by the student community of Chennai, assisting them in developing their technical skills and increasing their value in the job market. More than anyone else, we recognize that the final year project is the greatest opportunity that a student can get in his or her academic life to put to test the skills acquired during their four years of engineering studies.

More often than not, we see this opportunity being wasted by students. Students often make the grave mistake of assigning their project work to some cheap project centre, where they get a take home model or report. What they don’t understand is that they have just wasted the best chance that they had to gain some real experience, as a starting point to their career.

Realizing this situation, and owing to the demand from the students, Indus Automation takes a different approach in helping the students with their B.E. projects. At Indus, we do not give you ready made models to take to your college, nor do we give you prepared reports.

Instead, what we give to our project participants is unlimited access to high end technology. Be it working on real PLC systems, SCADA systems, or even on live industrial projects, we give you full access to our inventory and complete guidance on the same. You can use our equipment to unleash your talent and skills and develop whatever project you have in your mind.

We always support out of the box thinking and innovation, and we make sure that a student with a totally new and great idea gets his chance to shine.

We provide guidance and assistance for academic projects for the following branches of engineering:

Electrical and Electronics (EEE)

Electronics and Communication (ECE)

Electronics and Instrumentation (EI)

Instrumentation and Control (IC)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

The students can choose any of the following technologies as the main focus of their project:

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), SCADA Systems, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Power Electronics, Embedded Systems, Instrumentation Systems, LabVIEW, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

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