Automated control systems from Indus helps companies in the food processing industry streamline their processes and raise the quality of their entire cycle.

From compressor control systems used in refrigeration to special purpose machines used in processes like mixing, the applications of automation in food processing is endless. Be it VFD installations for motor or pump control,or complex PLC controlled process control panels, our installations deliver the exact requirements of our clients, while keeping the costs low.

Reliability is paramount in the food and beverages industry where a factory produces hundreds of thousands of items each day.

Our control systems in operation in these companies give them the confidence to keep the wheel moving day in day out. From oven control panels to control systems in charge of packaging, the automated systems from Indus Automation gives end to end control solutions for the food and beverages industry.

Perfection in electroplating is all about timing. The control systems from Indus Automation is being used by electroplating industries to achieve perfection in their work. From rectifiers to transporters, and from timing the dipping to data monitoring, our control systems specially designed for the electroplating industry help you achieve your quality goals.

Be it barrels or vats, our systems keep the process moving. Reliability is inbuilt in our systems and the use of highest quality components for each part of the system guarantees your peace of mind.

Huge savings in power can be obtained by companies in the mining industry with the right use of soft-starters for stone crushing units and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for conveyor belts.

Indus Automation has a range of solutions designed for the requirements of this industry which comes with custom built panels that can be adapted to your company’s specific needs.

Be it the control of dosing pumps or a high pressure valve, be it maintaining consistent flow or maintaining the pH, our automated control systems for water and waste water treatment plants ensure that the process continues flawlessly.

Implementation of remote monitoring and control using SCADA systems allows for optimized use of manpower and resources. It also allows for efficient operation of the plant away from the toxic environments.